New Moon and Eclipse in Pisces: Invitation into Integration

How we show up for any part of our life is how we show up for all of it.

We cannot wear a mask in one realm and imagine we are authentically ourselves in another.

We cannot wish for our friends to do well but not our enemies. For this particular being to be free from suffering but not that other being.

How we show up to our work, our voice, ourselves, our relationships: it is all the same. We cannot compartmentalize any of it. You get all of me or none of me.

Compartmentalizing ourselves, packaging ourselves just so for every situation, constantly updating, adjusting, trimming back here, giving more there—that’s what we’ve all been trained to do, and it takes all of our creative lifeforce energy to maintain. It leaves very little available to us in the moment to even perceive what else is possible. It’s all very capitalistic. Very artificially individualistic and performance-oriented. It’s exhausting. All it does is create resentments and generate lies and cover-ups and retreats and anxiety: but wait, who must I be for *that* person? How do I need to fit myself into that particular role to get more goodies or avoid more pain?

We don’t even, most of us, have the slightest sense of who we are without the weight of all our masks. They are fused to us, and how we medicate our resentment of them is what we think of as our “downtime,” our “real self.” Which is really just the addicted self. The self who escapes with booze or pot or shopping or Netflix or pizza or codependent control and anxiety about what other people are doing or feeling.

The escaped self is not the real self. The real self is entirely present, unafraid, unmasked, compassionate, awake, devoted.

The personal is inescapably political. We are so accustomed to thinking of “politics” as something that happens far away, decisions made by men in ties and women in red powersuits. We engage with it fleetingly: we make a call, we read the news, we attend a protest, we do our part. We play our part. We wear our “resistance” mask.

Where do you accept tyranny elsewhere in your life? Where do you allow censorship to remain comfortable? How do you censor yourself in your relationships, your work, your voice, to protect the status quo, to feel safe, to buffer your own escape routes? Who are your own personal enemies of the state that you are happy to demonize and keep at bay? How are you feeding yourself information and experiences that confirm your preexisting biases?

The Resistance is not something we can wage in our spare time while continuing to play our roles elsewhere like good little girls and boys who don’t want to stir the pot. The battle is just as much within as without. This is the lesson of all the great myths and stories. This eclipse is here to help us see our masks for what they are. We would be wise to accept the invitation.