Just be true.

There are no shortcuts here. No magical thinking that gets you through the hard work you need to do. No external entity or belief system or benevolent alien species can do this for you.

There is only one path. Embody what you are feeling. Don’t deny it, censor it, adjust it, soften it, refuse it, or redirect it. Just FEEL it, and embody it. Scream, cry, hit things (inanimate things), rage, laugh, jump and down, flail around, and for the love of all that is sweet and holy: SPEAK.

To the extent you are able to do this, more and more each day, you tear down the facade you have built against love and move closer to your true self. Toward true freedom. To the extent you do not, you continue living your own personal lie, and experiencing the consequences of that lie.

It’s really that simple. There’s nothing else to know. There’s no special spell or ritual or visualization practice available only to a select few. The tools are always available, to everyone, in every language, in every moment. Right now.