About Jen

I am a born and raised Alaskan who recently returned home to my ancestral Auroral realms in the greater Pacific Northwest by way of Harvard, where I will complete my Ph.D. in 2018. In addition to my academic work, I have also been avidly studying and practicing Evolutionary Astrology and Tarot for over twenty years.

I am not a typical astrologer. I do not dispense platitudes and false promises. I use astrology as a guide to navigate into and around the emotions my clients refuse to feel. My approach is holistic and draws upon a variety of tools, but my goal is always to help you move away from the facades you have built up against real purpose and connection in your life, and toward greater harmony, presence, and space in the moment.

For more information or specific questions about working with me, you can book a personal consultation using the link to the right, or simply email me at emotionalastrology at gmail. Everything I offer is always completely donation-based.

I archive most of my posts after a week or two to keep the trolls at bay, but am always happy to share on request.

You can also follow me (and my dogs, and my vegan food) on Instagram or Twitter.