About Jen

I am not a typical astrologer. I am also not a typical life coach, or a typical social scientist. What I offer is a combination of all three, with a healthy dash of off-grid self sufficiency and deep ecology thrown in for good measure. And some cute dogs.

I am a born and raised Alaskan who recently returned home to my ancestral Auroral realms in the greater Pacific Northwest by way of Harvard, where I earned my M.A. in political science will complete my Ph.D. in 2017. In addition to my academic work, I have also been avidly studying and practicing Evolutionary Astrology and Tarot for over twenty years, and I completed an apprenticeship in Akashic channeling and meditation in 2010.

I am committed to helping as many people as possible develop awareness around the emotional injuries that hold them back in their lives, and to work through them and toward greater alignment with love and truth. My approach is holistic and draws upon a variety of tools, but my goal is always to help you move away from the facades you have built up against real purpose and connection in your life, and toward greater harmony, presence, and space in the moment.

My guiding philosophy is derived from the teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene of Divine Truth. While astrology is not a part of the Divine Truth teachings, and indeed astrology is not aligned with Truth itself, in my own spiritual progression I have still found it  to be a very productive way to explore my facade self and the addictions I have developed to maintain that facade. I am very happy to speak more about what that means and how it informs my “readings,” or any other questions you might have.

For more information or specific questions about working with me, you can book a personal consultation using the link to the right, or simply email me at emotionalastrology at gmail. Everything I offer is always completely donation-based.

You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook, although bear in mind that I am moving away from social media bit by addictive bit and hope to free myself of it completely in 2018.

Here is a quick intro to me and what you can expect in a reading. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.