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NOTE: In harmony with my core values, everything I offer is pay what you desire/donation-based.

In addition to my blogs and videos on this site, I offer personal intuitive consultations, which are in-depth, inquiry-driven sessions that draw upon a wide variety of tools including akashic work, karmic astrology, occasionally Tarot, a little old fashioned talk therapy, and my own claircognizance as an energy reader to get to the heart of what is holding you back and how best to come into alignment with your highest purpose.

You can book a session through the link to the right. When I receive a notification I will reach out to you for scheduling.

I do not have minimum payment requirements for consultations, and believe that this process should be available to everyone. Because I am often asked, some suggested donations that are typical for this type of work range from $50-$150 for a full 30-60 minute consultation. These are merely suggestions—there is absolutely no minimum donation required. I can also do shorter (10-15 minute) consultations or longer-term coaching arrangements, and am happy to discuss options for those as well.

To inquire about other offerings and upcoming programs, just email me at jwhowk at gmail, or send a direct message via Facebook or Twitter. I look forward to working with you!