About Dr. Jen

I am an author, researcher, and interdisciplinary social scientist. I earned my B.A. with honors from the University of Washington, and my M.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard University.

My academic research explores how state-society relations shape vulnerability, resilience, and social well-being. I am also currently co-authoring a book with Dr. Doug Lisle that explores the biological and evolutionary underpinnings of human nature and how such insights can help us better understand the central questions and dilemmas of human life. You can preorder the book and follow our collaborative work at Esteem Dynamics.

I offer individual one-on-one coaching (you can make an appointment in the scheduling sidebar) as well as webinars and e-courses on a variety of topics. I also offer a couple of things exclusive to my Patreon subscribers:

  • Extended and bonus content access for “Perverse Incentives” (previously known as “Howk Blocked,”) a mostly-daily podcast with Dr. Doug Lisle about current events and politics from an evolutionary perspective. We recently got a couple of strikes on YouTube for wrongthink, so episodes are often exclusive to Patreon.
  • The “Virtual Village,” a weekly group coaching/Q&A Zoom call on a variety of topics.
  • “Getting Real,” a weekly women’s support group.
  • Other Patreon-only offerings as they come up.

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I’m doing less and less traditional social media these days because it is destroying civilization, but I do occasionally post on Twitter @howkblocked, can’t entirely quite instagram but mostly post on my farm page @dirtyveganfarm, and post on substack on my “regular” newsletter and my “mystical” one here. You can also sign up to my general mailing list here.

For FAQ about Esteem Dynamics and scheduling with me, you might find an answer here.