About Dr. Jen

I am an author, researcher, and interdisciplinary social scientist. I earned my B.A. with honors from the University of Washington, and my M.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard University. My academic research explores persistent socioeconomic inequality and underdevelopment, and offers a new approach to enduring questions of vulnerability, resilience, and social well-being.

I am currently co-authoring a book with Dr. Doug Lisle that explores the biological and evolutionary underpinnings of human nature and how such insights can help us better understand the central questions and dilemmas of human life.

I offer individual one-on-one coaching (you can make an appointment in the scheduling sidebar) as well as webinars and e-courses on a variety of topics. I also offer a couple of things exclusive to my Patreon subscribers: particularly a  weekly show about current events from an evolutionary perspective, and the “Virtual Village,” a weekly group coaching/Q&A Zoom call.

I’m doing less and less social media these days but I do still post a lot of photos of my dogs and sometimes tasty vegan food on Instagram. I also send out a newsletter occasionally with various musings and updates if you would like to sign up for free here.